Excel pimped with power

Excel Pimped with Power Tools

Excel is one of those tools that you just can’t live without.  It is used to store information, run calculations, carry out analysis, prepare report, visualizations and much more.  What’s just as important is the flexibility it gives to its +750 millions of users.This flexibility allows users create their own calculations and analysis, in a […]

Excel Power Trick – How to Combine a Folder of CSV Files

I previously published an article and video ‘Excel Power Trick – Save time without VBA’ which seems to have been very popular.  In this video we looked at using Power Query to get data from Excel sheets, format that data and then save the query for future use.  It’s amazing how much time you can […]

Publish Reports from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Services

Publish Reports from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Services

When you create a report in Power BI Desktop there are a number of reasons you might want to publish it to Power BI services. Maybe you  want to share your report with others with in your organisation You might want to embed the report on a website You need to add reports to an App […]

manage measures in PowerBI

How to Manage Measures in PowerBI

So you have connected all of your data into PowerBI and you have transformed and shaped it.  Now all you need to do is create some calculations, know as measures, so you can begin to make some visualizations. Off you go and do the normal SUM, Count and Average DAX functions across a number of the tables […]

many to many relationships power pivot

Easy Excel Solutions: Power Pivot Many to Many Relationships

Learn How to Manage Many to Many Relationships in Power Pivot Power Pivot has been around since 2010, and many people still struggle with managing relationships.  Even more so most struggle with more complex relationships such as Many to Many relationships.  In fact, I have seen many people begin to set up data models in […]

Excel Power Trick – Save Time Without VBA

How often have you seen an Excel spreadsheet like the one below?  Very often, right?  I am sure many of you are even saying ‘ What’s the problem with that spreadsheet?’     But I know that some of you can spot the problems straight away.  This matrix style reporting is common in Excel. It contains simple […]

Business Intelligence for the Excel User and Accountant

Over the last few posts we looked at Business Intelligence and an example of how it can be used in a small business. But is Business Intelligence for the Excel User? And does it have anything to do with Accountants? ( missed the first post, you can access it here. You can also access the second post […]

Business Intelligence case study

Business Intelligence Case Study – The Small Business

In my last post I gave you a brief explanation of Business Intelligence (if you missed the post you can read it here). But what has this got to do with the small business or the employee? I can tell you that Business Intelligence is not just for the multi nationals and large organisations.  This […]

what is Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence Business Intelligence (BI) plays a key role in the strategic planning of a business. BI Tools (technologies, apps and processes) allow an organisation to store, to discover, to gather,  to analyse and to visualize data.  This makes it possible for decision-makers at all levels of an organization act on information. Business Intelligence Systems […]