Spreadsheet Risk

Spreadsheet Risks

WARNING – SPREADSHEETS IN USE Computerized Spreadsheets have been around for many decades (way more than I have been around). And as technology evolves so do spreadsheets. The use of spreadsheets has also changed, from simple record keeping to more complex analysis and presentations.  But this increase in complexity brings its own element of risks.  In […]

OFFSET Function to make Excels SUM function Dynamic

Everyone can use the SUM function in Excel, it is the most basic and used functions available. In fact it is the only formula in Excel that has its own keyboard shortcut (Alt + =).  However many users find difficulty when adding additional rows to the data which they are summing.  The formula has taken […]

Understanding Excel Macros and VBA Code 1 – Automatic Index Sheet

Do you want one central worksheet where you can easily navigate to any worksheet in your workbook, and then navigate back with one click? This Excel macro creates an index that lists all sheets in your workbook. The best part is that the index Excel macro updates itself every time you select the index sheet. […]

Dynamic VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP in Excel

Overview of VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP Many of us are familiar with the VLOOKUP function. The VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP formula in Excel allow you look up a value in one column or row and return a corresponding value from a different column or row. VLOOKUP is a vertical lookup and HLOOKUP is a horizontal lookup. We […]