Up and Running with Excel Form Controls

An Excel form control is a kind of user interface component that can be added to a worksheet. You can add a single form control to a worksheet, or a group of form controls. Some of the form controls that you can choose from include list boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, scroll bars, combo boxes, and […]

DAX COUNT and COUNTX – Impact of Using Measures and Columns

In a previous post we looked at DAX SUM and SUMX  expressions and you were introduced to a lot.  We mentioned table functions, iterators, row and filter context, measure, columns, and we also quickly introduced you to the RELATE function.In this article we are going to slow things down a little and look at DAX COUNT […]

Find Hard coded values in Excel Formulas

Find Hard coded values in Excel Formulas

Finding hard coded values within Excel Formulas is something Excel users have struggled with for a long time. While I was researching this article, I am surprised that the solution I am about to offer you has not been widely covered so far.What exactly is a hard coded value?It would be common to see a […]

What is DAX


Data Analysis Expression language or DAX, was originally released with Power Pivot in Excel in 2010 by Microsoft. It’s a functional language that is very similar to excel, as you would expect as it was part of the excel tools.  Its initial basic function was to allow excel users solve more complex business problems.Now, not […]

Document Entire Excel Workbook with the Click of a Button

Document Entire Excel Workbook with the Click of a Button

Why Document an Entire Excel WorkbookYou already know the story…. or do you…..?So the internal accountant produces a monthly pack for management, which contains financial information. These reports are fantastic.  Detailed Sales reports show sales against budget, against prior year, as a 12 month rolling total. They are also further sliced against sales rep and […]

Decoding M – Exploring the YouTube Data API with Power BI

For some time now I have wanted to explore connecting Power BI with API’s, however the lack of knowledge of M, and time has held me back.But this week I got a chance to dig a little deeper with my idea. I decided to look at Google’s YouTube Data API.  First I just want to […]

Quickly gather statistics for your data using Excels Descriptive Statistics

Excels Descriptive Statistics will quickly allow you calculate a number of statistics from multiple columns of data at a time.The statistics includeMeanStandard ErrorMedianModeStandard DeviationSample VarianceKurtosisSkewnessRangeMinimumMaximumSumCountIn this video you will learn how to activate the Data Analysis tool pac in Excel and how to quick run descriptive statistics. You can download the data set at the bottom of […]

Power BI and Microsoft Cognitive Services to extract Key Phrases from Text

Power BI and Microsoft Cognitive Services to extract Key Phrases from Text

Extracting key phrases from text can be a key element of text analytics. It would be commonly used by brands when listening to what their customers are saying across social media, such as Facebook and Twitter comments and posts.  It’s also often used to analyse survey results.  In my example below, I have used Microsoft […]

stastics correlation coefficient excel

How to Calculate Correlation in Excel with the Data Analysis ToolPac

Correlation is a statistical measure that shows how two variable might move together.   For Example as the price goes down, the sales volume might go up, or as the weather gets warmer, sales volume might decrease.  These types of correlation might be obvious in some organisations, but looking at the correlation between different data sets […]

Must Have Resource list to Master Power BI

The Must Have Resource list to Master Power BI

For those of you that know me or have followed me for some time, you will know that I have always been a lover of Excel.  When Microsoft introduced the Excel Power Tools, Power Query, Power Pivot and Power View I was in my element.In 2015 Microsoft released Power BI – A self-service business intelligence […]