Excel Power Trick – How to Combine a Folder of CSV Files

I previously published an article and video ‘Excel Power Trick – Save time without VBA’ which seems to have been very popular.  In this video we looked at using Power Query to get data from Excel sheets, format that data and then save the query for future use.  It’s amazing how much time you can […]

forecasting in Power BI

Forecasting in Power BI

Forecasting in Power BI will allow you take a time series of data and make predictions or estimates about the future.  The forecasting tool is available in the analytics pane on Line charts.  At the moment it is only available in single value line charts.  And it is only available in Power BI Desktop and not services […]

paste special in Excel

Paste Special in Excel

Paste in Excel is one of the most commonly used functions.  You do it, I do it, everyone using excel will paste something during the day.  But did you know that Excel has a paste special option? An options that allows you paste data and formats in multiple ways!  From Transpose to pasting as an […]

DAX SUM and SUMX functions

DAX for Power BI and Power Pivot – SUM and SUMX Functions

The role of both the SUM and SUMX functions in DAX are to add numerical data together.  Yet both these functions are rather different.Lets talk about the SUM function first.  The SUM function is simple.  It takes a column of data and adds the values to give a total.  The syntax is SUM().  It works like the […]

Print Options in Excel

Fine Tune your Workbook with Print Options in Excel

There is nothing worse than receiving an Excel workbook that looks the part, but then when you print it, tables and charts are split onto different pages. Do people know there are print options available in excel? This problem is a common spreadsheet problem.  People fail to use the page layout options and page set up […]

DAX Divide Function

DAX for Power BI and Power Pivot – DAX Divide Function

When you are working in Excel it is relatively easy to divide two numbers. You take the value from one cell, and divide it by the value or the in another cell.  For Example =B3/B2.  Divide is a basic mathematical operator. In Excel if you try to divide a value by zero you will get the error […]

Excels Scenario Manager and Goal Seek

Excels Scenario Manager and Goal Seek

Scenario Manager and Goal Seek in Excel are two very useful features and both of these function are classes as What if Analysis functions. Scenario manager can be used to save different scenarios of the same situation on the same worksheet.  For example, lets say you have a budget and you have prepared a best case […]

Power BI Content Packs

Power BI Content Packs – Analyse Mailchimp and Google Analytics

Big data and the data trend is everywhere. But I know many small businesses believe all of this is out of their reach. the belief is that it costs too much and they don’t have the skill set. Let me introduce you to Microsoft Power BI services and their Content Packs – best of all, […]

Wonderfully Weird function in Excel

Wonderfully Weird function in Excel

Excel is full of wonderful and weird features and functions.  With so many functions available, a lot of the time there is more than one way you can solve a problem in Excel.  Sometimes I look at functions and I wonder to myself….what problem could this solve? (that’s a bit sad to be admitting really) […]

learn Excel Pivot tables

Learn Excel Pivot Tables in less than 20 Minutes

Excel Pivot tables are a really powerful tool.  They allow you create interactive reports on large data sets.  You can summaries, organised and explore the information contained within the data, with just a few clicks of the mouse. To be honest a Pivot Table can be created very quickly.  Excel even offers a set of […]