Analyzing a Blockchain Database with Power BI – Introducing SteemitSQL

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a good data set to analyse.  Kaggle offer data sets and run competitions on analysis and Microsoft also offer sample data sets such as World Wide importers.  But sometimes a completely different data set is really cool to explore.

Over the last few weeks I have been using Power BI to analyse the SteemitSQL database and produce actionable insights. And today I would like to share some thoughts and reports with you.

What is Steemit?

Steemit is an online blogging platform that runs on block chain technology.  It allows content creators publish content and reward those that engage with their content by micro payments.  It also allows content creators monetize their content by receiving micro payments from their followers by way of up votes.  It’s a social/blogging platform with a twist…..

The blockchain holds all of the data.   Its holds the text from the blog posts, details on followers, profiles votes, payments, comments. 

Think of it this way.  With the likes of Facebook, Youtube and other centralised Social media platforms we can use Power BI to connect with API and get data that ‘they’ are willing to share.

The blockchain holds no secrets, and Steemit is a platform with masses of uncensored data that anyone can access.

As I mentioned Steemit is a blogging platform.  At first I was blogging about Excel and Power BI.  Hoping I could get a following with ‘How To’ type article. I thought it was a new community I could introduce Power BI to.  However there was no real interest from the general Steemit user. 

But now that I am publishing reports on the data, my posts are doing better and my following on the platform is growing.  After a little under two months I have over 300 followers.  As they grow accustom to these reports and dashboards, I hope I can convert them to Power BI users that will want the ‘How to’ articles

So today I would like to share with you an analysis I prepare on new Steemit users in July.  The data has been taken directly from SteemSQL

You can read the report for this Dashboard here

One of the problems with Steemit, because it is in beta not all file types are supported and at the moment I cannot embed my dashboards like I can here on The Excel Club.  So I am using the dashboards as images in my posts.

Here are my last few reports I have posted on Steemit

So if you are looking for a different, exciting and new set of data to analyse, check out SteemitSQL

Here are a few reports I have produced

Voting Habits of the top 200 Steemit Accounts

Analysis of Steemit Posts with Youtube Videos

How well do blog posts really do on Steemit

If you are on Steemit, post a comment below with your Steemit user name and I will follow you. My user name on Steemit is @paulag

If you do an analysis on the database please do share it with me.

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4 thoughts on “Analyzing a Blockchain Database with Power BI – Introducing SteemitSQL

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Do you know whether Power BI can be integrated with Ethereum blockchain data?

    Kind regards,

  2. This is awesome. I am an Excel expert and “Power” everything enthusiast. I also have been into Steem for quite some time. I love that you had the same idea that I did. I am huge into Crypto right now (as is everybody) and I am also studying up on my PowerPivot, DAX, PowerQuery and PowerBI. So, I thought, why not merge the two and use real-world blockchain data as my sample data! I’m @steemiest

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