Business Intelligence case study

Business Intelligence Case Study – The Small Business

In my last post, I gave you a brief explanation of Business Intelligence (if you missed the post you can read it here). But what has this got to do with the small business or the employee? I can tell you that Business Intelligence is not just for multinationals and large organizations.  This Business intelligence case study shows it can help any size company.

Business Intelligence Case Study.

Meet Joe.

Joe worked for a small family-run organization.  He was a forward-thinking employee that worked in marketing. He wanted an increase in the budget for marketing and to expand the sales department.

Joe needed to prove something to the owners. He knew the potential size of the market and the current market size was far greater than the company’s market share.  If he could prove this, he would be able to secure this investment from the owners.

Joe approached Lisa, the sales manager looking for some information.  Lisa was able to provide a Text file that contained the customer count for each region for all sales made online.  She was also able to provide an Excel file in which she kept herself.  This file had many worksheets. One worksheet for each sales rep. Each worksheet was further broken down by region and the total customer count for each month.  The data was in a bit of a mess, but it was all that Joe could get. Lisa told him it would take a few hours to sort the data in a meaning full way for his purpose.
Next, Joe went online.  With a little research, Joe found an open data sources that could provide insights to the potential size of the market and the actual market size.  This data source contained a lot of irrelevant information and would need some work just to extract what he needed.

All Joe needed to do was sort this data and get it ready for his presentation.  Lucky enough Joe had access to an easy to use Business Intelligence System. Within an hour, Joe established the potential market size, current market size, and the actual company’s market share. Have a look at the chart he produced for his presentation.

Business Intelligence Case study

Not only was Joe able to establish the Potential Market Size, the Actual market size, the company’s market share, and the % market share. He was also able to do this by region, so he could identify regions where there was room to capture a larger market share.

Guess what?

Joe got the increase in budget that he required, and the following year the company enjoyed 56% growth. Joe got a financial bonus that he never expected.
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So what’s all this got to do with the Excel User and does it have anything to do with Accountants? Well hell yea.  Check out this next post – BI for the Excel user and Accountant


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