Stop! Do Not Merge Cells in Excel – Heres why with fixes

Over the years I have seen many things in Excel that have made me go “wow, I won’t do that again in a hurry”.  Thankfully as the years have progresses, so has Excel and many of these problem items have been resolved with updates. However, there are still a few things that you should avoid […]

Move over VLOOKUP, here comes XLOOKUP

XLOOKUP Excel 365 (insider edition) VLOOKUP is one of those functions’ users tend to use over and over.  At the start it is hard to get your head around it but once you do, it provides great value. However, it also has its limitations. For example, on its own it cannot look up to the […]


XLOOKUP V’s VLOOKUP – 8 Limitations Removed

XLOOKUP V’s VLOOKUP XLOOKUP, soon to be available in Excel 365 is going to make you rethink how you carry out your lookups. VLOOKUP comes with many limitations. Some of these limitations we can work around with other functions or combination of functions. But that is a pain…and time-consuming. Who needs all that hassle when […]

How to check accessibility of an Excel workbook

Do you check accessibility of your Excel workbooks? Creating workbooks that allow people of all ability access and read requires a little planning and thought. But, if you create workbooks with accessibility in mind, people with vision impairments will be able to understand easier. When it comes to making a workbook accessible, there are many […]

rich data types in excel

Rich Data Types in Excel

Rich Data types in Excel are now included in Excel 365. These Rich data types are connections to live data and host a suite of information and data types within the one cell. Yes, that’s right, loads of data and data types in one cell! And yes, this is still Excel. The detailed information is […]

These Excel Tricks Make Ordinary Users Look Like Data Wizards

Data Analysis and Visualization Hacks in Excel Let’s explore 2 amazing data analysis and visualization hacks in Excel. Quick Analysis and Ideas. Very often when working with data, you will receive an Excel workbook and have no idea what the data is about. Or, what stories are hidden within it. To perform a detailed analysis, […]

3 Excel Hacks You need to know

There are so many Excel Hacks, picking 3 for this article was hard. Over the last 5 years, Excel has been developing at a rapid pace. New releases have seen some lovely goodies for everyone. Microsoft has added new features and functions. While they have also improved on some others. If you are a beginner […]

Encrypt and Decrypt Caeser Cipher in Excel using Power Query

Over the last few months, I have found myself interested in cryptography. Cryptography is the art of writing and solving clues. Often solving clues involves decrypting some sort of hidden message. Encrypting and decrypting messages is a lot of fun. A cipher is a series of steps taken to encrypt or decrypt a message that […]

beginner excel lessons

Excel 101 – Getting Started with Excel 365

Everyone must start somewhere and getting started with Excel 365 will be made easy with this massive article.  Grab your coffee and get ready to learn Excel in a practical way. If you have every wondered how to use an Excel Spreadsheet and how you can learn to use Excel quickly then you have come […]

The Secret Power of SUMPRODUCT in Excel

SUMPRODUCT in Excel works by multiplying value pairs together and then adding the results together.  However, SUMPRODUCT is a function that accepts arrays, making it a very powerful function beyond its basic use. In this video, you will learn the secret power of SUMPRODUCT as we work through 5 different examples Basic traditional use SUMPRODUCT […]