Excel Knowledge Sharing week ending Fri. 3rd Jan

Its Excel knowledge sharing time peeps 🙂 Have you published an Excel resource this week? Or maybe you found a resource online that really helped you solve a spreadsheet problem you had? Well now is the time to share it (with a few simple rules) Rules The resource and knowledge you share must be related […]

Share Collaborate and Co-Author in Excel

Share Collaborate and Co-Author in Excel With improvements in Cloud Computing it is now easier than ever to collaborate and Co Author in an Excel workbook.  People can work together, see each other changes and keep the file saved an up to date. Collaboration is the ability to work with other people and through out […]

Stop! Do Not Merge Cells in Excel – Heres why with fixes

Over the years I have seen many things in Excel that have made me go “wow, I won’t do that again in a hurry”.  Thankfully as the years have progresses, so has Excel and many of these problem items have been resolved with updates. However, there are still a few things that you should avoid […]