Excel Knowledge Sharing week ending Fri. 3rd Jan

Its Excel knowledge sharing time peeps 🙂 Have you published an Excel resource this week? Or maybe you found a resource online that really helped you solve a spreadsheet problem you had?

Well now is the time to share it (with a few simple rules)


  • The resource and knowledge you share must be related to Excel.
  • You must include a descriptive summary of the link you are providing. The title of the resource is not sufficient.
  • You must disclose if the link you share is your own work or a fantastic resource you found.
  • Users must be able to access the resource for free without signing up.

The comments section on this post is the only place you can self promote external links within Excel for ALL community, so get promoting and share your Excel knowledge today.

If you have published an Excel resource directly to the blockchain, you can share it directly in the Excel for All community. This post is for resources external to the steem blockchain.

Excel For ALL community news

Beta testing is underway of a new Excel Community – Excel for All. This beta test has two parts.

Part 1 is open to anyone with a steem account. Excel for All is open to anyone with a steem account. You can ask an Excel question, help someone with a problem. Or you can share content and knowledge on the topic of Excel.

Part 2 allows non-steem account holders to engage with community posts. This is done via posts on The Excel Club

If you happen to be reading this on my blog, you can engage right here in the comments section below. This comment should also appear as a comment within the community. If you comment from within the community, it should appear right here on this blog.

We would love you to take part in this beta with a steem account. You can sign up for a steem account at https://signup.steemit.com/ however we know there is a delay in getting accounts from here. So to aid we can fast track you. Contact us directly and we will have a steem account set up for you within 24 hours.

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