10+ Excel Learn and Earn Activities YOU can do Today

The Excel Club blog is the first Excel blog in the world where you can Earn while you Learn Excel.  We launched this world first in April 2019 with the aim of encouraging you to practice what we cover in our blog posts.  We want to you practice because with Excel it’s a case of ‘Use it or Lose it’.  Our aim is to help you on your Excel journey and reward you for your learning and the time you spend with us.

“Really, I can earn while I learn Excel?  What will I earn?”

This is a common question we get asked because its innovation on our side.  We are utilizing blockchain, which allows us to reward you with tokens.  These tokens can then be redeemed against the price of our premium training, traded on an exchange for other cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or even cash.  And, you can use them for other benefits and services that others have on the blockchain.

Let me help you some more

But before I give you the list of 14 Excel Learn and Earn Activities that you can do today.  I want to help you on your goal of learning Excel a little more.

We are all very busy these days.  Investing this time in yourself to learn Excel (and earn in the process) is time well worth investing.  So, we have created an email sequence to drip feed you these 8 Learn and earn resource every second day.  This is a completely free service to you.  We want you to become an Excel Ninja with us and we want to reward you for your time and learning. And we know you might not have the time to complete them today.

In two weeks’ time, when you have completed all the activities and you have collected some tokens, we will happily swap them for hefty discounts on all of our premium training.  When I say hefty, I mean well above the current going rate on the exchanges for the token.  So, Sign up now for this free sequence and start collecting those tokens.

10+ Excel Learn and Earn Activities that you can do today

Are ready to start earning tokens for becoming an Excel Ninja?  Here is a list of 8 Excel posts sorted by level Beginner to Advanced.  In total there are more than 10 activities.   Carry out all of these and you could earn a nice few rewards.

Beginner Level Excel Learn and Earn Activities

beginner excel lessons

Excel 101 – Getting Started with Excel 365

This comprehensive article is everything you need to get started in Excel. For those with a little more Excel experience, its also an easy way to collect tokens. In total this post has 7 Learn and Earn activities.

excel learn and earn

Funnel Charts in Excel

Learn how and when to use funnel charts in Excel to visualize your data. A Funnel chart is one of the newer charts in Excel and is great for visualization processes.

Query parameter in Power BI

Excel Power Tools – the future of Excel

In this resource you will be introduced to the Excel Power Tools, Power Pivot and Power Query. The resource gives you a great demonstration on how these tools can be used. Awareness of these tools is something every excel user should have. This is another easy resource to learn and earn.

Intermediate Level Excel Learn and Earn Activities

choose in excel

The CHOOSE function in Excel

In this post you will take a deep dive of the CHOOSE function in Excel where we will look at 4 examples, from basic to more complex. The article come complete with videos and there are 3 questions to answer in the learn and earn activity

pivot tables

Learn Excel Pivot tables in 20 minutes

Do you need to get your head around Excel Pivot tables fast? Then this is the idea resource for you. This article and video is everything you need to start using pivot tables in Excel. The lean and earn activity is nice and easy so this is a great opportunity to collect those tokens.

Advanced Level Excel Learn and Earn Activities

An introduction to using Vlookups

How to carry out VLOOKUP within text in a cell

When you learn to combine VLOOKUP with other functions it makes it super powerful. In this resource you will be introduced to some of the text functions. After this you will learn how to combine these text function with VLOOKUP. Make sure you carry out the learn and earn activity before you watch the video 😊.

Excel Dynamic Arrays

Excel Dynamic Arrays – A new way to model your spreadsheets

New to Excel 365 is Dynamic Arrays. This powerful new feature changes how Excel carries out calculations. Its going to change how you use Excel moving forward. If you have not yet seen these in action, this article and video is a great start. And another easy way to earn tokens.

t.test and f.test in excel

How to use Excel T.Test – Was a marketing campaign successful?

This resource looks at how one could use Excel and the T.TEST function to test an see if a marketing campaign was successful or not successful. T.TEST is a statistical function; however, its application can be very useful.

So, there you have it.  8 Resources for you to earn cryptocurrency tokens.  Did you sign up yet to receive these in drip feed?  Just click on the link below if you didn’t and let us help you manage all these resources.

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