Excel Superstars you need to be following in 2021

Why you need more Excel Superstars!!

For a long time now, I have been helping you become an awesome Excel user. Here at The Excel Club we produce educational articles and videos and the sole aim has been to help you.  We have even tried to be innovative, and are the first Excel Blog in the world where you can Earn while you Learn.

But there is still a gap.  Excel is massive and there is always so much to cover and new things happening.  Even I have to learn this stuff somewhere and I don’t always have the answers.  Stuff like VBA I hardly ever cover. It’s not up my ally.  And there are way more experienced people that can help you with this and give you alternative insights to the stuff I do cover.

So, with that in mind, and not wanting to bombard you with too many resources, I have compiled a list of the top Excel peeps that I tend to stalk.  If it wasn’t for many of these people, I wouldn’t have the knowledge that I do have.  From Youtube Channels to Blogs.  These are hot resources.

This list is in no particular order and I would love, if in the comments section below if you could tell me what Excel superstars you follow and why?  And a shout out to the Excel Experts I have and have not mentioned, thank you for doing what you do as you make learning Excel fun and exciting.

Excel Superstars you need to be following in 2021

  • Excel for Freelancers is the place to be if you want to learn about Dashboards and VBA. Randy Austin also publishes videos on running an Excel business.     
  • Excel University by Jeff Lenning is an amazing blog to follow.  The posts are often part of a deep dive series.              
  • Excel is on Fire Youtube Channel by Oz Du Soleil is both entertaining and educational. Oz is an amazing presenter and shows such passion when he explains Excel stuff.  If you have not checked out his videos yet, you really have to.                         
  • Bill Jelen AKA Mr. Excel is a family favorite. Both the website Mr Excel and the Youtube channel are well worth subscribing to.  I have to admit, this was one of the first Excel dudes I ever followed, and it’s always a place I return to.
  • Debra Dalgleish runs Contextures blog which has great Excel tips and tutorials for users of all levels. You can also skip straight to her Youtube channel 
  • Ken Puls is an accountant like my self. His blog Excelguru.ca is an amazing wealth of Excel and Excel Power Tool information.  There is also an active forum.  If you want to learn Excel, this is a site you can not miss out on visiting. 
  • Are you loving Excel Power Tools like me? Power Pivot, Power Query and more so Power B.  Then PowerPivotPro is the website to visit. I am sure you will find Rob Collie to be a familiar face and there are other awesome experts also on the team. 
  • Leila Gharani has an awesome Youtube channel for Excel users of all levels. combine with here blog xelplus you will find almost everything you need to learn about excel here.
  • Yolanda Cuesta has an amazing Spanish Excel and Power BI blog.  excelcontabilidadytic translates well with Google translate and is for sure worth a visit.
  • Excelisfun Youtube channel by Mike Girvin has over 600K subscribers and thousands of videos for Excel users of all levels.  This is a channel that you can not miss.
  • Frédéric LE GUEN and his blog Excel Exercise is available in both English and French.  Frédéric also compliments his blog with a YouTube channel
  • Alan Murray and his blog Computergaga along with his popular Youtube channel  is for sure one Excel Expert you should be following.  Alan also co hosts the London Excel Meetup with Tea Kuseva.
  • The Chandoo blog and Youtube channel cover everything in Excel that you need to know including awesome content on dashboards.
  • Another excellent blogger and Youtuber is Jon Acampora and his blog Excel Campus where you will find regular new tutorials and guides.
  • If you are looking for something in Portuguese then you can’t miss out on Cristiano Galvão Youtube channel Excel Turbo
  • Chandeep has been teaching Excel since 2013. He also covers Excel Power Tools and DAX so do go check out his blog
  • David  Benaim is another Awesome Youtuber that you need to follow.  Not only will you learn about Excel but you will also learn about other office products and Google Sheets.  You can subscribe to his Youtube channel here
  • The blog Excel Off the Grid ran by Mark Proctor is quickly growing in popularity along with his Youtube Channel
  • Celia Alves runs Solve and Excel Consultancy Service and Blog, which include VBA as a topic. She also runs the MS Excel Toronto meetup group.
  • Mynda Treacy is co-founder of My Online Training Hub and the blog and her Youtube Channel are well worth visiting.
  • Abiola David run the blog Excel Jet and a Youtube Channel where you will find a lot of very useful tutorials.
  • I am sure many of you already know the personality of Faraz Shaikh from Excel Exciting and his Youtube channel. If not, then you need to check out his content!
  • Ajay Anand runs the blog xlncad which teaches both Excel and AutoCad. Ajay also runs a fantastic Youtube Channel
  • Another amazing Excel blog to follow is TrumpExcel ran by Sumit Bansal and you will also find a number of great free templates to download on his site.
  • John McDougall runs the blog How to Excel which is jam-packed with great useful and practical Excel examples.
  • Nabil Mourad runs the Youtube channel Office Instructors.  I love Nabil’s style and his videos are amazing.  Well worth subscribing to.
  • For awesome free webinars and over 500 Excel tutorials, pop over and visit the My Excel Online ran by John Michaloudis.
  • ExcelinExcel founded by Deepak Kumar is a fantastic blog and they also run an awesome Youtube channel that runs regular live sessions
  • If you want to learn Excel faster, then hop over to Excel Champs by Puneet Gogia where you will find loads of Excel tips, tricks, and tutorials
  • Danielle Stein Fairhurst is a Financial Modelling expert and trainer.  Her blog on Plum Solutions is a wealth of information and she is also running a popular Financial Modelling in Excel group on Linkedin.
  • Karpagam T is an experienced analytics trainer and runs the Youtube channel Karpagam Excel.
  • Karen Abecia is another amazing Portuguese Excel wiz.  She runs  Talent to training blog and a massively popular Youtube Channel
  • Learning VBA?  Then you have to visit the Youtube Channel ExcelVbaIsFunThis channel is massively popular and I am not surprised.  Go check out the content and you will see.
  • Excel Unusual by George Lungu looks a Science, Engineering, and Games in Excel. This is a great blog to visit for something different.
  • Are you trying to learn or improve your VBA skills?  Then a great site to visit is Ryan Wells on Wellsr.com. You will find everything from tutorial to cheat sheets
  • Stephanie Evergreen shares her knowledge on Data visualizations and Excel Charting on her blog stephanieevergreen
  • Another Youtube Channel you need to visit is that of Oakley Turvey.  I guarantee that you will learn amazing stuff from him that will help put you ahead of the game.
  • Excel Macro Mastery Youtube channel hosted by Paul Kelly is for sure one of the best places to go to learn VBA
  • If you are looking to get really detailed Excel resources, then you should visit the Earn & Excel blog by Sohail Anwar.  

Let’s Grow this list of Excel Superstars

There is way more Excel Blogger and Youtubers out there that add amazing value to those wanting to learn Excel.  The list above are just a few of the amazing Excel Superstars that you should be following if you want to become an Excel Ninja.

So, what Excel Experts do you follow?  drop a link below and tell us why you love this Excel expert. 

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