Find the corresponding value from Multiple column match in Excel

Do you fancy a bit of an Excel Data Challenge?  Something to get you thinking creatively with your Excel Skills?  Well, I have this problem that requires a multiple column match in Excel to look up and return a corresponding value and I think you will enjoy solving it! I received a spreadsheet from my […]

Learn How to Fix Totals and Subtotals in DAX

Learn how to fix totals and subtotals in DAX for PowerBI and Power Pivot The problem of incorrect totals and subtotals in DAX is a common problem for both Power BI and Power Pivot users. But these incorrect totals, are not wrong. When you appear to have incorrect totals, it’s not because DAX calculated them […]

3 Ways to Set Screen Scroll Lock Area in Excel

Often there are times when a spreadsheet developer has the need to set the screen scroll lock area in Excel restricting where the user can scroll and has visibility. A perfect example would be Excel Dashboards. ****Scroll to the bottom for the video***** Setting the screen scroll lock area improves the user experience and can […]

Excel Hidden and Very Hidden Sheets – What’s the difference?

Hidden and Very Hidden Sheets in Excel – Skip to Video As most of us know, Excel, being such an amazing tool, gives us the ability to Hide sheets from view.  However, what many are not aware of is that Excel also offers the ability to set sheets as very hidden.  Hidden sheets are common […]

Easy steps to Convert Snowflake to a Star- DAX Modeling

If there is one piece of advice, I could give to DAX users, it would be to keep the structure of the model simple.  That includes flattening or converting from a snowflake to a star. Take a look at this. Its an image of a model I found online some time ago. Source How does it […]

How to use XMATCH in Excel

Learn how to use XMATCH in Excel, with practice activity, workbook to download and video solution to the Problem