Learn how to use Excel’s Map Charts

Map charts can be used to visually display values and category’s across the geographical area.  These charts can be worldwide, and they can also be much closers such as your state, county or city.  In Office 365 or Excel 2019, you now have the option to use Map visualizations to view your geographical data.

How to insert Excels Map Charts

To create a Map Chart in Excel, your data must first be set up correctly.  First, you need to have geographical data such as country, state or postcode. You also need some values associated with geographical locations.

Map Charts in Exel

To insert a Map chart in Excel, select the data, or put the active key within the data. From the Insert Ribbon, select Recommended Charts.  The Map chart is the 2ndth chart down.  Press ok and a map chart will be displayed in your worksheet based on the locations and values provided.

Map charts in Excel

You can also directly insert a map chart using chart commands on the Insert ribbon.  To insert a map chart, select the data, or just place the active key within the data.  Then, from the insert ribbon select map charts. 

As with all charts in Excel, once you insert the chart, a design and format ribbon will become available.  These are the same ribbons you would be familiar with from using other charts.

The design ribbon gives you options for adding chart elements and quickly changing the layout and styles of the chart.  It is also possible from this ribbon to change the chart type.

map charts in excel

The format ribbon allows you to make changes to the format of the chart, such as changing the text colors and effect.

Trouble Shooting

Excels Maps used Bing to plot the location. To use Excels Map charts you will need a connection to the internet.

Sometimes when you create a map chart using Excel, you will get blanks or errors.  It is often the case the location you stated might have more than one location on the map.  In this case, you should add another column to your data, so the Maps know where to look.

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In the video below, you will learn how to insert and work with Map charts in Excel and the limitation these charts can have

Learn about Map Charts and their limitations in Excel
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