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Funnel Charts In Excel

A Funnel chart is often used to represent a sales pipeline or anything of decreeing size.  Like pie charts, their total area represents 100%. Being such a popular chart used to visually explain data, it’s a surprise that funnel charts were not introduced to Excel until 2016.

To create a Funnel Chart in Excel, your data must first be set up correctly.  As a funnel chart displays values of decreasing order, the data for the chart should be structured in the same way.

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You will need two columns of data for a funnel chart.  The first column will include your labels or stages in the process.  The second column will include the values.  It is important these values are shown in descending order.

Funnel charts in excel

To insert a funnel chart in Excel, select the data and from the Insert Ribbon select Recommended charts.  The funnel chart is the 4th chart down.  Press ok and a funnel chart will be displayed in your worksheet

how to insert a funnel chart in excel

You can also insert a funnel chart using chart commands on the Insert ribbon.  To insert a Funnel chart, select the data, or just place the active key within the data.  Then, from the insert ribbon select waterfall charts.  The Funnel chart is the second chart down.

As with all charts in Excel, once you insert the chart, a design and format ribbon will become available.  These are the same ribbons you would be familiar with from using other charts.

The design ribbon gives you options for adding chart elements and quickly changing the layout and styles of the chart.  It is also possible from this ribbon to change the chart type.

The format ribbon allows you to make changes to the format of the chart, such as changing the text colors and effect.

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It is becoming more and more common to display data using visualizations, funnel charts being a fantastic option for certain data types.  In your organization where could you apply funnel charts instead of a table of data?

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