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How to recreate this interactive Excel dashboard

Last week I had the pleasure of entering an Interactive Excel Dashboard to the Excel Hash 2021 challenge set by Oz de Soleil.  It was massive fun and it was awesome to pitch myself up against some of the most well-known Excel peeps in the world. In case you missed it, you can check out the full playlist of entries here.

On my video entry, I received this wonderful comment from Kristiaan Verberne, one of my awesome subscribers!!!!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I already learned so much from your classes. You are very inspiring and engaging. I have a request, if possible can you create a course from this submission? Your efforts to teach us, are very well appreciated.

With such amazing feedback, I thought many of you would enjoy a full lesson on how I created my Interactive Excel Dashboard.  And I have decided to release this video as a Youtube Premiere. 

For the Excel Hash challenge, we were given a list of ingredients and from these, we had to use our creativity and cook up something.  


1.  Cutout person
2.  Pick at least 2 from the following list: LET, LAMBDA, Dynamic Arrays, Power Query New Data Types
3.  The EVEN function
4.  Everything has to be integrated and justified–even the cutout person.
5.  Everything in Excel is open for use, except VBA. So, go ahead and use Power Query, Power Pivot, Solver, Form Controls … whatever.

To carry out this challenge I used two public tables of data which can be assessed via the following links.  You will need to download this data to practice along with me. Both tables are available to download as an Excel worksheet.

This video is my first YouTube Premiere.  That means if you watch it live, I will be in the chat available to answer your questions and we can discuss the steps I took and the formulas I used to create this interactive Excel Dashboard.  I understand not everyone will be available for the premiere so this video will also be available in demand after the live premiere. To make sure you don’t miss out on the premiere just set a reminder on YouTube.  You can access the video here on this webpage or directly on my Youtube channel from Thursday 11th Feb @ 8pm GMT.

While you are waiting on the premiere, feel free to watch my submission video to the Excel Hash Challange here first, that way you will know what we are creating.

Premiere Date and Time:  Thursday 11th Feb @ 20:00 GMT

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