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Learn Excel Pivot Tables in less than 20 Minutes

Excel Pivot tables are a really powerful tool.  They allow you to create interactive reports on large data sets.  You can summarize, organized, and explore the information contained within the data, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

To be honest a Pivot Table can be created very quickly.  Excel even offers a set of recommended Pivot tables for your data set to get you started. Yet very few people know how to use them, and even less know how to use them to the full potential.

In more recent versions of Excel, pivot tables have become the basis for Data Models and Business Intelligence.  In Excel 2010 we saw the launch of the ad in Power Pivot, allowing you to pivot multiple tables of data against each other.  Fast forward to 2019 and we now have an extension BI solution in Excel, originally based on the traditional pivot table.  We also have the new package, Power BI.

But before we run away with the full capabilities of Pivot tables, it’s time we learned some basics.   If you are new to Excel Pivot tables then this video is for you.  Actually, if you need a refresher on Pivot tables this video is for you too.   In this video:  Learn Excel Pivot tables in less than 20 minutes you will learn:

  • How to insert a pivot table
  • How to pivot data on rows and columns
  • How to add filters to pivot tables
  • How to format a pivot table
  • How to use the Value Field settings to summarize data by Sum, Average, Count, and more…..
  • use Show Value As to perform calculations on your pivot table data such as % of Grand Total
  • How to group months and years in Date fields
  • Much more

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