TEXTJOIN and Array IF Statements

Looking up and Combining text using TEXTJOIN and Array IF Statements.

Looking at the table of data below, how would you go about looking up the order number and pulling the name of all products sold on that order into the one cell as shown in cell B19 in the image below?

TEXTJOIN and Array IF Statements

Looks complex right?  But not really with the use of TEXTJOIN and Array IF statements.

What is an Array and how do you use array formula in Excel?

An array is a group of cells.  An array formula is a formula where calculations are carried out on groups of cells.

Look at the GIF below.  We wish to get the total price knowing there is 1 unit at 1.99 and 2 at 2.5 and 2 at 3.75 and 4 at 0.5.

We could multiply the price by the units for each item and then add all the prices together.  We could also use the SUMPRODUCT function which does the same thing.  But for this example, I want to show you an array. 

We can also do this with a SUM array. Take a look at the following formula:


A2:A5 is an array.  B2:B5 is also an array.  This formula tells excel to multiply A2 by B2, then A3 by B3, then A4 by B4 then A5 by B5 and then sum the values together.  But by pressing enter, this formula will not work.

When you are using array formula in excel you must press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER to enter the formula.  You will notice excel then places {} around the formula and the calculation can be carried out.


We covered TEXTJOIN in last weeks article and video, please do visit that post if you are any way confused.

TEXTJOIN will allow you join text from an array of cells into one cell and only specify the delimited once.

Its syntax is

=TEXTJOIN(delimiter, Ignore empty, text1, text2….)

Combining TEXTJOIN with an array IF  statement.

First we will take a look at the formula and then we will break it down so you can understand how it works.

{=TEXTJOIN(", ",TRUE,IF(A2:A11=A19,B2:B11,""))}

Okay now let’s explain it;

TEXTJOIN looks first for the delimiter, then choose between include or exclude empty cells.  After this you then select the text that you want to join.

The first part of this formula is TEXTJOIN, where we want to separate each text item using a comma (“,” ) and we wish to ignore blanks (TRUE).


The next part of TEXTJOIN is to add the cells that contain the text you want joined.  TEXTJOIN lets you select both individual cells or an Array of cells. We can therefore use an  array IF Statement to select the text we want. 

An IF statement takes a logical test and allows you select the value to be shown if both true or false. In this case the logical test is an array logical test. If any of the cells between A2 and A11 are = A19 the we want the corresponding value from B2 to B11. If they are not a match, then we want blank (“”)


This test will look and see of A2=B19 and if there is a match it will return the contents of cell B2.  If no, it will return a blank.  Next it will look at cell A3=A19 and if there is a match it will return the contents of cell B3.  If no, t it will return a blank.  This will continue down the array to cell A11.

The final part of this formula is telling Excel that it is an array. To do this we press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER and you will see {} appear around the formula.

If we highlight IF(A2:A11=A19,B2:B11,””)) within the formula and press F9, we can see what’s going on here

The FALSE results represent each of the values in A2 to A11 that do not match A19, and we can see the product names where we do have a match.

In our IF statement we set blank (“”) to be the default where there is a FALSE. These blanks are then ignored by the TEXTJOIN function and so we are only returned with the products that match the Order number.

You can also view this with evaluate formula

evaluate formula excel

What do you think would happen if we changed the TEXTJOIN formula to include the blank cells? 

You can copy and paste this table into your own spreadsheet and try it out.  Give it a go and post a comment below with your findings.

Order NumberProductLine ItemSales Price
1001Web Cam145.99
1001USB Cable34.99
1003USB Cable14.99
1004Web Cam345.99
1004USB Cable44.99

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