manage measures in PowerBI

How to Manage Measures in PowerBI

So you have connected all of your data into PowerBI and you have transformed and shaped it.  Now all you need to do is create some calculations, know as measures, so you can begin to make some visualizations.

Off you go and do the normal SUM, Count and Average DAX functions across a number of the tables and wolla, you are ready to create your visualization.

But wait, hold on.  Where did that measure go.  I thought it was in the sales table. So many fields to look through now to find it.  Ah okay there it is under the date table.  how the hell did it get there?

You know the problem right.  Its happened to me, it happens all the time.  I have even seen Microsoft give demos where it has happened to them.

The good news is, I have a solution.  Take a quick look at the video below, How to manage measures in Power BI. (And don’t forget to give it the thumbs up!).  Even if you haven’t had this problem yet, I bet you will at some stage!

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