paste special in Excel

Paste Special in Excel

Paste in Excel is one of the most commonly used functions.  You do it, I do it, everyone using excel will paste something during the day.  But did you know that Excel has a paste special option? An options that allows you paste data and formats in multiple ways!  From Transpose to pasting as an image.  There is so much available in  Excels Paste Special.

It is even possible to carry out a mathematical operation ( add, subtract, multiply or divide) on values that you have pasted using Paste Special.

So lets move beyond CTRL + V, the standard paste used in Excel and lets press CTRL + ALT + V and see how much you can really do when Pasting in Excel.

In this video, we will look at a number of the paste options such as paste values, paste formats, paste images, paste links, transpose.  You will learn how you can quickly paste data and formats the way you want them. And you will learn how to paste with operations carried out on the values.



In the video above, there is an error in the example of Pasting with Operators.  Did you spot the mistake?  If you did you are an Eagle Excellier ! Well done you!

In the video below we will walk through the mistake made when using paste special to paste with mathematical operators applied.  We will then look at the solutions available so you don’t hit the same problem.  Finally we will look at another example of the use of Paste Special with operators.



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3 thoughts on “Paste Special in Excel

  1. I am having trouble with the Paste Special totaling the 2 Q’s. When I copy and paste special the ADD operation to gain the total of the 2 Q’s, the formula moves down two rows much as it would if you were copying a formula to total each row down a SS. Example if the range of cells in Q2 is B8:B10, the formula copies as B10:B12. I noticed your formula does the same thing but comes up with the correct total…mine does not.

    Does that make sense?

    1. Hi Cathie,

      Thank you for this, I had not noticed. Yes it makes sense. I will be posing an updated video this week to show how this problem happened and how to resolve it.



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