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Power BI Content Packs – Analyse Mailchimp and Google Analytics

Big data and the data trend is everywhere. But I know many small businesses believe all of this is out of their reach. the belief is that it costs too much and they don’t have the skill set.

Let me introduce you to Microsoft Power BI services and their Content Packs – best of all, its free.

Power BI services offers a suite of Content Packs. Basically a content pack is a connection between Power BI services and a data set.  These content packs include pre-built dashboards and reports that will ignite your data.

If you haven’t yet used Power BI services, content packs are an ideal way to get started. Even if you know nothing about Power BI, this demonstration will show you how easy it is to get started and find valuable insights to data and do it very fast.

Power BI Content Packs

  • have been created by a team of data and visualization experts
  • The data contains pre defined measures and calculations. This means you don’t have to know DAX to get meaningful dashboards and reports.
  • Being visual they are easy to understand and navigate.
  • Power BI Content Packs can be used with just a small learning curve.

Some of the online services for which content packs are available include :

  • Accounting Insights for Sage 50
  • Azure
  • Github
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Salesforce
  • Strip
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Analytics

Content packs can also be created by individuals within an organisation.  These content packs can then be shared but are only available and shared around an organisation with Power BI Pro service.

In this video we will use Power BI Content Packs to look at the reports and dashboards and insights for Mailchimp and Google Analytics.  To show you how they content packs work, I will connect to a MailChimp data sources  and a Google Analytics data source. Then we can have a look around the reports and dashboards.  After this we will do a very quick overview of Organisational Content Packs.

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