Sample Power BI Dashboards

Article Explorer Sample Power BI Dashboard

This interactive article explorer will let you quickly find articles on The Excel Club.  A simple slicer has been used to allow the user filter the report by post category.  Simple visualizations are then used to to show top articles by month and day. All articles can be accesses via the link in the dashboard.  Feel free to give it a try.

In this dashboard I use Power BI to connect to the WordPress REST API  and also the Google Analytics Connector

Facebook Analysis Sample Power BI Dashboard

There are more than 2.2m people in Ireland on Facebook and in an Election year (2016) the Irish Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, only made 89 posts and he received less than 5000 post shares.  Even worse is the fact there were more than 7K comments made and Enda didn’t reply to any of them.  Top class engagement if I ever seen it…..

This dashboard uses Power BI Facebook connector.  It also uses Microsoft Cognitive Services to carry out a Sentiment analysis on posts and comments. You will also find the use of the custom visual Word Cloud

Although this Facebook analysis dashboard created in Power BI does give a lot of information, Power BI can be even more powerful. Analysis can be carried out comparing one Facebook profile to another, and can even be combined with data from other Social media and marketing campaign platforms.

Udemy Business Actionable Insights Power BI Dashboard

This interactive dashboard has been created specifically for Udemy Instructors.  

Experienced instructors need insights that allow them identify and reward their most loyal students, insights that let them know the best day of the week to send a promotional email.  Insights that allow them track reviews, ratings sales and even a place to mange coupons.  

This dashboard gives all that and more!!!