Its rather simple to use the Outline feature in Excel

The Outline Feature in Excel Excel’s automatic outlining feature makes outlining a worksheet easy. Automatic outlining works best with numerical data organized into groups and sub groups by formulas or functions. For example, the sample image below contains monthly sales data, organized into quarterly and yearly totals using formulas: As you can see, it can […]

Find Hard coded values in Excel Formulas

Find Hard-coded values in Excel Formulas

Finding hard-coded values within Excel Formulas is something Excel users have struggled with for a long time. While I was researching this article, I am surprised that the solution I am about to offer you has not been widely covered so far. What exactly is a hard-coded value? It would be common to see a […]

Excels Rank Functions

Using Excels Rank functions

Excels Rank functions have evolved over time, and give you the ability to ranks values in a list or column based on their value compared to other values in the same list or column. In Excel 2007 and previous versions, the function you would use to rank value is Rank and the syntax is: =RANK(Number, […]

Print Options in Excel

Fine Tune your Workbook with Print Options in Excel

There is nothing worse than receiving an Excel workbook that looks the part, but then when you print it, tables and charts are split into different pages. Do people know there are print options available in excel? This problem is a common spreadsheet problem.  People fail to use the page layout options and page set up […]

Excels Scenario Manager and Goal Seek

Excels Scenario Manager and Goal Seek

Scenario Manager and Goal Seek in Excel are two very useful features and both of these function are classes as What if Analysis functions. Scenario manager can be used to save different scenarios of the same situation on the same worksheet.  For example, lets say you have a budget and you have prepared a best case […]

Wonderfully Weird function in Excel

Wonderfully Weird function in Excel

Excel is full of wonderful and weird features and functions.  With so many functions available, a lot of the time there is more than one way you can solve a problem in Excel.  Sometimes I look at functions and I wonder to myself….what problem could this solve? (that’s a bit sad to be admitting really) […]

learn Excel Pivot tables

Learn Excel Pivot Tables in less than 20 Minutes

Excel Pivot tables are a really powerful tool.  They allow you to create interactive reports on large data sets.  You can summarize, organized, and explore the information contained within the data, with just a few clicks of the mouse. To be honest a Pivot Table can be created very quickly.  Excel even offers a set […]

Publish Reports from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Services

Publish Reports from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Services

When you create a report in Power BI Desktop there are a number of reasons you might want to publish it to Power BI services. Maybe you  want to share your report with others with in your organisation You might want to embed the report on a website You need to add reports to an App […]

manage measures in PowerBI

How to Manage Measures in PowerBI

So you have connected all of your data into PowerBI and you have transformed and shaped it.  Now all you need to do is create some calculations, know as measures, so you can begin to make some visualizations. Off you go and do the normal SUM, Count and Average DAX functions across a number of the tables […]

Introduction to Tables and Filters in Excel

Table and Filters in Excel are incredibly useful tools 5 Reasons to use Tables and filters in Excel Quick totals – it is easy to turn both on and off the totals feature of tables. But if you need to get totals quickly, convert you data into a table and the totals will be calculated […]