Women in Excel You Need to be following

I recently had a conversation with someone and the question – Where are all the Women? came up with regards to Excel experts.  With that question in mind, I decided to prepare a list of the fellow Women in Excel that I have been following.   These women, some of which are wonder woman are by no means the only women in the industry and I hope in the comments below, you will add Women in Excel that you follow, with links to their websites, YouTube channels or social medial profiles.

Women in Excel

Anne Walsh AKA as The Excel Lady runs the Excel Expert Blog.  She is also the author of Your Excel Survival Kit and Excel: Get and Transform Data.   Follow Anne on LinkedIn and if you visit her website you will find a number of upcoming webinars you can sign up to.

Celia Alves runs Solve and Excel Consultancy Service and Blog, which include VBA as a topic and automation as a service.  She also runs the MS Excel Toronto meetup group.  Follow Celia on LinkedIn.

Danielle Stein Fairhurst is a Financial Modelling expert and trainer.  Her blog on Plum Solutions is a wealth of information and she is also runs a popular Financial Modelling in Excel group on Linkedin.  I would highly recommend you follow Danielle on LinkedIn.

Debra Dalgleish runs a blog focusing on Pivot tables and Contextures which focuses on Excel tips and tricks.  She has also published a number of books on the topic of Pivot tables and Excel.  Follow Debra on LinkedIn.

Ingeborg Hawighorst is a systems analyst and has given a number of talks on Excel and related products.  She has an active Twitter account and can also be followed on LinkedIn.

Karpagam T is an experienced analytics trainer and runs the Youtube channel Karpagam Excel.  You can follow Karpagam also on LinkedIn.

Leila Gharani is Founder XelPlus and also runs a very popular Youtube Channel publishing new Excel tips tricks and resources weekly.  Follow Leila on Linkedin. 

Mynda Treacy is co-founder of My Online Training Hub and the blog and her Youtube Channel are well worth subscribing too. You will also find a number of useful Excel add-ins available on the website.  Follow Mynda on Linkedin.

Ruth Pozuelo Martinez is the owner of Curbal blog and  Youtube channel providing awesome resources on DAX and Power Query along with Power BI.  In addition to this Ruth also runs a discord community and is for sure worth following.

Yolanda Cuesta is not only an Excel Expert, but she is also an Economist.  Although her blog Excel Accounting and ICT is in Spanish, Google does a wonderful job in translating it and you will find masses of valuable information.  You can follow Yolanda on LinkedIn.

Ligia Galvão is partner is Genecsis, which runs the Excel Weekend in Latin America.  Ligia also has the blog Lets Analyze which is in Portuguese but Google translate works well.  You can Follow Ligia on Linkedin

Viviane Martins is an Analytics and Excel VBA specialist and she runs a great Youtube channel in Portuguese.  Follow Viviane on LinkedIn

Karen Abecia is wonder-woman when it comes to Dashboards.  I was lucky enough to see Karen present at the Toronto meetup and I have to say I learned a lot. Her blog Talent to training is in Portuguese but again Google translate works well and you will find great tips and tricks for Dashboards. Her Youtube channel also has amazing content.  You can follow Karen on LinkedIn with this link

Tarclia Landin, also from Latin America runs a very popular Youtube channel and blog in Portuguese, Tudo Com Excel where you will find great tips for Excel users of all levels.  Follow Tarclia on LinkedIn


What Women in Excel do you follow?  Pop a comment below and do include links to their blogs and YouTube channels

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