Wonderfully Weird function in Excel

Wonderfully Weird function in Excel

Excel is full of wonderful and weird features and functions.  With so many functions available, a lot of the time there is more than one way you can solve a problem in Excel.  Sometimes I look at functions and I wonder to myself….what problem could this solve? (that’s a bit sad to be admitting really)

Text is something that many people shy away from in Excel because, well because spreadsheets are kinda known for calculations and reports right! But working with text is rather common.  In fact, Microsoft even has a function to identify text.  ISTEXT will return a true or false result based on the contents of a cell.  These True and False results equal to 0 and 1. This can then can be used in further calculations if necessary.

The other day I was looking at some data in Excel combined of both Numbers and Text in different cells and I came across one of the wonderfully weird functions that Excel has to offer.

I really don’t want to give it away.  I would like to watch the video and tell me, how you would use this function?  What practical applications can you see?  What other functions in Excel would you consider wonderfully weird? Pop a comment below and let me know.  You will also get to see ISTEXT in action, a nice addition as this is a function that has plenty of practical applications.

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2 thoughts on “Wonderfully Weird function in Excel

  1. Paula,
    I have used =ISTEXT quite a bit but I am very pleased to now have that T function as well. Thanks for sharing.

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